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The Importance of Year End Marketing
by Donna Sams

You know that old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.”  Many businesses slow down their marketing at the end of the year, only to find that by the time they pick it back up a few months later, they’ve missed the boat. It's difficult to see all of the money that you've put into marketing your business go down the drain, but that's exactly what happens when you don't keep marketing consistently.  It can be hard to regain the attention of your customers once you’ve lost it. Continue communicating with your customers routinely throughout the year to avoid having to spend more money catching up to your competition later. 

It’s easy with the hustle and bustle (not to mention expenses) of the holidays to let your marketing fall to the wayside.  This is a huge mistake many small businesses make and often have a hard time recovering from.  Don’t make that mistake.  Contact CWI for help keeping your marketing efforts in your customer’s sight and mind.  You can also like us on Facebook for free, helpful marketing tips and tools.


Do You Really Know Your Customers?

Everyone knows that marketing is important to the success of a business, but something that is sometimes overlooked is the value of knowing and understanding your clients.  Of course, you know their name and what products or services they purchase. You may even know their family members, their favorite sports team, their birthday, etc., and that’s great!  But, do you know WHY they chose YOUR business over your competition? It’s important to understand the process your customers went through to find you, how they selected you and why they continue purchasing from you.

Here’s something to think about, WHO are your clients and WHY are they your clients?  Take the time to ask your customers why they decided to do business with you and, more importantly, continue to do business with you.  Use the information you gather to help better market your business!

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When it comes to content, nix the junk.  Fresh is best!

When it comes to your social media and web site content, it’s important that you focus on providing fresh, valuable information, not just fluff.  Think of it this way, if you want your body to perform and function at it’s very best, you don’t fill it with junk.  The same goes for your social media and web pages.  If you want to get the most out of these marketing efforts, don’t just load them up with junk and make sure to keep it fresh!  

Present yourself as the authority in your field by providing content that the reader will find useful.  This can be as simple as reminders, straightforward facts and figures or detailed blog posts.  Content is critical, it is the essential nutrient for your successful online presence.   

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Don't Fall into the "Word of Mouth" Advertising Trap

I know what you're thinking, "But, word of mouth is the best form of advertising!"   This is true, but not when it's your sole source of advertising.

I’ve seen it happen all too often.  A new company starts up, they don’t have a huge budget, they think that excellent customer service, coupled with a good idea, along with constantly reminding people to spread the word about their business is a surefire recipe for success. 

The problem is that it isn’t.  

The same holds true for an established business that thinks that their history, excellent customer service and the positive word of mouth referrals they have always enjoyed means they don’t have to invest in any other form of marketing when times (and budgets) get tough. They don’t want to invest any additional money in marketing; it seems to be the easiest item to cut back in their budget. Just relying on word of mouth will suffice.

They too, are wrong.

Here’s the thing, at CWI Marketing and Printing we want all small businesses to be wildly successful, especially the ones who are a part of the CWI family.  If you are depending solely on word of mouth as your only source of marketing, then you are going to miss a huge market and opportunity for growth.

Today, customers use many ways to communicate, along several different mediums.  If you limit yourself only to word of mouth, you are missing out on opportunities to reach more people, at a greater frequency than simple word of mouth ever could.  Three key factors to effective advertising are reach, frequency and impact.   Simply put, word of mouth advertising can not REACH enough people, with enough FREQUENCY to have a lasting IMPACT.  That is why it is imperative to advertise along multiple channels.

Word of mouth advertising is wonderful, it is important, it is necessary and it is effective. However, studies show that word of mouth advertising on its own, while being helpful to establish a business, does not do enough to help maintain and more importantly GROW a business.  That is where other marketing avenues come in. 

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